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   *  NEW 2013 - STM32 Flasher - JWorker

  *   Laptop Repair tips for; Patriot/EI system/DSG320/PCWorld laptop

  *     Fractal art

  *     Handy App  - ComAvail

  *     Stereo Dawn Chorus

  *     Crazy Levitation

  *     Make your mark - without cash


 by  Bob Seabrook.  

All    Original

All    Free – but you can



 £1 via PayPal if you rea/ly insist.



A free utility

.zip  JWorker    NEW  A simple Windows [7, XP] STM32F10xx flash programmer for low-cost JTAG devices with FT2232c chips.

Description: JWorker is a FREE single Windows application download that uses FTCJTAG.DLL from FTDI to program STM32f10xx devices via their JTAG interfaces using the low cost simple USB-to-JTAG devices such as the Amontec JTAGKey-Tiny or the Olimex ARM-USB-Tiny. Useful to program a loader for subsequent field programming via USB.


Installation: Download the zip file for free and run the setup.exe inside to install this application. This site is the home of JWorker so no intermediaries have been at it. It is assumed that the Amontec or Olimex drivers are already installed via their .inf files.

Preview:      Help        How it works        How to obtain and install the Amontec JTAGkeyTiny device Driver in Windows7


 Some help

.Htm  DIY Laptop fix Models; Patriot 3070, 307x, EI System 3081, Generic DSG G320 laptop Motherboard.  Similar others too.


Background: Through no apparent fault of the computer manufacturers, duff components are fitted in some computers.  The components are the big electrolytic capacitors used to stabilize the DC power supply in the PC. The electrolyte fluid was incorrect so the capacitors fail. This can stop the computer turning on or the computer may misbehave intermittently affecting the integrity of the data on the hard disk.


DIY* Repair: Four of the eight relevant capacitors can be quickly checked for obvious signs of venting via the CPU hatch underside. To access the remaining ones remove the laptop keyboard via the four  ‘door like’ latches on its front edge furthest from the display. The rest of the disassembly and reassembly is obvious but the page is still helpful because photos locate the capacitors and the order of re-assembly is prescribed. Plus the tip about Blu-Tacking removed screws next to the holes they came from is worth a try.  Visit DIY repair tips page now.    *Note for translators; DIY means “Do it yourself”.


 Offline alternatives

.DOC  Word  doc          987kB   free download. updated – Dec 2010.

Alternative Word 2000 document form of the online article.  



.PDF   Click here           711kB   free download. updated – June 2011

Most up to date. Easily Portable and printable PDF form of the online article, for non Word 2K and Linux users





       donations to 14bFzEQfcP34dh2MosgmNVUg58zSHTipfe . Here is the Exchange rate. Go here for Free bitcoins.  Info on Securing your wallet. (for backup purposes, your Wallet location on XP is:  C:\Documents and Settings\ username\Application Data\Bitcoin\wallet.dat)



A free app

.zip  ComAvail    NEW   Have you ever  thought  Windows should pop-up the USB serial COM port number it allocated to the port that you just connected without having to go into Device Manager to find out?  ComAvail does just that and a little more.


Description: ComAvail appears as a system tray icon that watches for added com ports. It shows a balloon containing the port(s) added or removed. Also, if you move the mouse over the icon a tooltip message lists all the ports currently available, that is, the ones associated with functioning hardware right now.


Installation: Download this ComAvail zip file for free and run the setup.exe inside to install this application. It should be virus free because I wrote it myself rather than downloading something from a festering file farm.  Once installed help is available by double-clicking the icon.  ComAvail was written and tested under F-Secure (professional) protected Windows XP Professional (32bit) and uses Windows Frameworks 4. It includes Help in PDF format. No Tricks, No Adware, No Viruses, No Crippleware


Some fun

.AVI Fractal zooms    Zoom in on a point at the edge of the Mandelbrot set tastefully revealing detail at ever increasing magnifications. All movies end where they start for continuous repeat viewing. Low-loss Cinepak compression (good quality) picture, all at 15 frames per second.


.GIF previews


Ariel   2MB free download 


17s play

Tiny area - 190x198y pixel      


High zoom speed.



Gem     9MB free download  


34s play

Small area - 261x278y pixel


Medium zoom speed.



Promise  19MB free download


29s play

Medium area -445x438y pixel


Medium zoom speed              



Emerald  23MB free download    or youtube or youtubeRepeat


51s play

Medium area 423x392y pixel  


Low zoom speed          



Twister    78MB   free download. hosted by Mediafire(+adverts)

96s play

big area 640x480y pixel


Medium zoom speed.


Below is what YouTube made of my original  1278x954y .avi Twister video.  It compressed well using only 19MB* of your bandwidth to view it at 360p default resolution. The original HD upload was 288 MB. You can choose resolution from 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p HD depending on your resources. And once you have seen the whole video it is buffered in your computer memory and I have configured –the embedded link below to replay forever without using up your allowance - until you leave this page or select another viewing resolution.  See site-mod-blog ahead for more about youtuberepeat vids.  

 * Bandwidth found by downloading Medium Quality - 640x360 file from which is the normal youtube link with the word save inserted.


More information   These zooms previewed above reach the resolution limit of 64bit floating point numbers corresponding to magnifications over billions of times (>1e24). They took an old 600MHz PC many days to produce. BMP frames created with my MandelBrother Program written in VB6. Images compiled into AVI’s with Bink and Smacker - CinePak Codec, 15 frames/s.  


New Offline youtube  Virus infections most easily come from executables (apps) that you innocently download an run, so you should suspect apps that do something your browser can already do - like download content from a site. Do you have an app just to download youtubes? If you get the well established “VLC Player” you can play more video types than other common players AND save youtubes so that you can replay your favourite video forever without using up all your internet bandwidth (or play them where you don’t have access to youtube). Follow this guide…..


1.          if you don’t already have VLC Player get it from

        use the [Installer-Package] button. Then install the download.


2.          Run vlc Player - From the VLC Player menu bar select

-- Mediaàconvert/save

-- Select tab _/Network\_

-- Paste in your youtube url where requested e.g. 

-- click button [Convert/Save]

-- click button [Browse] in the destination frame

     click the [desktop] button/icon

     for the filename type;   my.flv

     click [Save] button

in the settings frame; select from profile list;

     Video – MPEG2 + MPGA (TS)

Click [Start] button

Wait for movie to be saved to file.


3.          Drag my.flv file from desktop onto VLC Player window to play it. Enjoy.



 £1 via PayPal for this tip,  while still smiling at the example video.



Tips        1.     While waiting for the movie to be saved to file, check that the ‘loop’ button that repeats playback is not activated, because if it is then as soon as the file is completely downloaded the download will repeat again (and again) which means the file will be lost and re-downloaded all over again.

2.    Once you have the file downloaded you can make VLC Player set a video as your desktop wallpaper with video menu option; VideoàSet As Wallpaper. If you do this I would also suggest playing back at 0.25 x normal speed, or even slower and turning off the sound. Looping the playback works but causes an annoying popping balloon in the system tray once repeaing starts, and risks you forgetting to turn off looping (tip 1) when you next download.




.AVI  Fractal Julia set animations.   Morphing shapes.  Not as good as zooms above.  All 15 frames/s, CinePak Codec.


Nose  3.4MB  free download 


8s play


Medium area   495x407y

Taken from under the nose of the Mandelbrot set beetle ;-)



Auto3 4.5MB  free download


8s play


Medium area   496x496y




.JPG Fractal Posters.    Big high resolution poster images especially selected for printing on A2 or A3 and framing behind glass. Consider viewing in portrait style. 




Some images have been posterized and/or colour saturated to look great when printed but it makes them look worse when displayed on your computer. Don’t be discouraged by this.


.MP3 Birdsong      New Clear digital Stereo birdsong recordings.  From Dorset, England.  Made on ICD UX512


SONY -  ICD UX512  - a  much newer STEREO recorder than the old ICD ST10 further below.

Made these


FebDawnChorus    23MB   free download –

25 minute play       Absolutely Top quality Bliss. Stereo Dawn Chorus.   February 2012

Crisp dawn air hits you. Listen for the woodpecker. Good on laptop speakers because they suit birdsong frequencies. Better still on headphones.


Play online              




- Gain is low on this recording – you may need to turn up the volume or use headphones.

- File was edited with Audacity to remove unwanted events. Edit also cut bandwdth from 192k to 128k.


This ICD UX512 recorder is just INCREDIBLE, so much better than the old ICD-ST10 it is hard to know which improvement listed below to like best.


Improvements ;   ICD UX512 improvements (over the ICD ST10).


1.    Superior stereo recording

    +  Better stereo mics facing opposite directions (left right) with bigger grill holes so true stereo no longer sounds like it was recorded inside a barrel

    +  Stunning crispness. Higher bandwidth. 192k

    +  Long recording time - well over 24hours in 1Gbyte flash at highest quality bandwidth

    +  Namable recording files – in namable folders – not just numbers.

    +  Wind noise elimination - Low freq noise rejection reduces wind noise during recording – it actually works REALLY WELL.


2.    Better battery.

   +  Standard, easily replacable 1.2V AAA battery that lasts for hours of recording - so you can carry spares,

   +  Chargeable, low cost

   +  USB chargeable, incidental charging while exchanging recordings

   +  Single cell only

+  Level meter works properly since designed for the 1.2V cell.

+  Lower power consumption – longer recording endurance.


3.   MP3 Files - Records direct to common MP3 files and plays them direct too.

     192k bandwidth and several lower bandwdths supported if even higher storage density required.


4.   ANY Files – use like any USB stick for general file storage too – generous 1GB as standard. +2GB memory card slot.


Wish list


  1.   A playback progress bargraph. – that’s all.



.MP3 Dawn Chorus        Digital Stereo birdsong recordings .  From Dorset, England.   Made on Old ICD-ST10.


Preview          1.8MB    free download

2 minute play         Stereo Dawn Chorus. March 2005

Birdsong.mp3        Plays well on a continuous loop.


Play online              



PathsMeet      32MB   free download

22 minute play       Top quality Stereo Dawn Chorus. March 2005

Crisp dawn air hits you. Listen for the woodpecker. Good on laptop speakers because they suit birdsong frequencies.


Play online              



Blackbird Solo     2.1MB   free download  

3 Minute Play          Ringtone Ready - Good quality solo recording using internal (stereo) microphone of Sony ICD-ST10 pictured left.


Play online              




Play Blackbird solo simultaneously with PathsMeet as the orchestra – and balance the volumes to taste.


Good when

·          Chilling out

·          Far from home and homesick – on an oil rig – in a desert – boxed in a motel

·          Stuck in a clattering hospital ward

·          Caring for yourself after caring for others.


Make your XP PC play birdsong.mp3 at 07:30 AM tomorrow

1.        Copy birdsong.mp3 to your My Music folder

2.        Using Windows Notepad create a file called alarm.bat on your XP desktop

3.        Copy and paste the red text below into your new file

4.        Save it.

5.        Run it.  (double click the icon on the desktop)


AT 07:30 /INTERACTIVE "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\mplayer2.exe" "%userprofile%\My Documents\My Music\birdsong.mp3"


      .WMV Levitation            Silly mobile phone clip showing my experimental Biefield Brown ‘Lifter’ or ‘Flyer’ device that levitates due to a flow of down moving ions.


Thin horizontal wires at deadly dangerous 20kV 1 inch above the foil cause an ion draft that lifts the device. It crackles, buzzes and stinks of ozone. The 20KV HT was taken from an old computer monitor. Danger of death – do not attempt without qualified adult supervision. The risks are high because the necessarily slack supply wires can move suddenly due to electrostatic charges and touch a bystander. All persons should stand well clear – unlike the individual (JC:-) who recorded these clips.



Flyer1        400kb       free download.              

21s play        Small area     208x160y pixels,  Flyer2 is better.

The device is actually held DOWN by threads attached to the red tape.


Flyer2        660kb      free download

35s  play        Small area  208x160y pixels,

Close up is supposed to show no visible means of support but it’s too fuzzy.



HELP !  The potential to save an innocent life.


March 2nd 2010 -  grid delivers useful results see the video more.


Please donate your computers idle time to medical and other research for at no cost to you. Join 430000 people  worldwide. Get crunching.  You can choose which projects to help. There is even a project to aid development of a new solar power source.



                              Instructions are on this very professional site run by IBM at considerable cost to them, download the free software and get crunching at no cost to you – except the trouble you took to install it. Take a look. There is even a busy forum with community advisors. Get business computers onboard with the owners permission.






If you’re interested my user statistics can be seen here; seabrookb or here but often during updates some of these details are inaccessible. You are welcome to join my tiny team delta, that way I know you came here. I have been committed to crunching for - on numerous computers for over year, and before that for United Devices until they closed their grid.  With my current machines my ranking has levelled out at around 20000 out of about 430000 which is just in the top 5%, i.e. 20000 members have done a lot better. (2008 figures). Now there are 558000 members (2011) and my ranking is proably lower due to having fewer PCs running to cut energy use.



You can help by joining the grid or donating to me your useless old broken but fixable Windows-XP laptop for a redeeming retirement. This will also help you reduce unnecessary WEEE. Obviously donated laptops must not be stripped of parts, must include power supply, 256MB+ RAM, etc, no major mechanical damage like smashed display or hard disk, but filthy, cracked and chipped case through wear and tear is OK. I believe laptops use energy more efficiently than desktops, make less noise, and use less space, so laptops only please.


Get your business computers onboard. They can be scheduled to use CPU and network resources at times that suit you. Be sure to get the owners permission. Once installed with your preferences it can run without attention for months or years – I know. The reputable BOINC software is superbly robust and well designed and there are versions for Windows, Linux and the MAC. The software runs at a low priority so it gives way to your foreground work – however it does use RAM, it will run fine on a 256MB RAM PC, but 512MB + would be preferable.


To save on the cost of dialup internet access for the grid I changed my ISP to PlusNet Broadband Your Way option 1  here:


Shi t e mod Blog  

June 2008                        Created page. Initially the laptop repair tips were on the home page. Later moved them to a separate page to cut bandwidth use. At the same time improved that page so that clicking the motherboard picture revealed more detail. Also added a reminder to check/replace the clock/date battery.


Site hosted by Plusnet BBYW1 since I don’t plan to squander bandwidth on video and audio streaming, and since other use is seasonal and I already have a phone line, the attraction was

a)        broadband only, up to 8Mbps. I know what I’m paying for, no confusing bundles, I already have a line and that is complicated enough,

b)        low cost. To save more for you too click the PlusNet logo above (it helps me too at no cost to you). It is only £9.99 per month (inc VAT, excl BT line),

c)        no long term contract(1 month),  [The only trouble with this is that the terms can change quickly month by month (see e below) ]

d)        free help on the phone, or by email, and via busy expert forums,

e)        flexible pay as you go currently  £1.25 per gigabyte beyond the first two gigabytes in a month, or upgrade to option2 for many more Gb, or pay nothing more and still have limited bandwidth of 128kbps for the rest of the payment month.

f)         faster than 6Mbits/second, after some RWIN / MTU tweaking. Before tweaks download speed never > 3Mbps. But even that is good.


g)        if you cancel your direct debit, you won’t get a scary letter from a debt collection agency a year later for a service you didn’t use, you’ll just loose the service you didn’t use – after being informed of course. No great loss. No demonically diabolical labyrinths to escape from. I had a bad time with Demon Internet Ltd  stopped using them for YEARS and eventually cancelled my contract. No confirmation. Years later I get a letter from a debt collection agency demanding an extortionate amount for services not used. Demon Internet Ltd said they could not tell if I had used it or not so I should pay. In that case what was the logon user authentication for? Nearly as traumatic as robbery. Eventually negotiated paying half the amount demanded. So Demon Internet Ltd Suck IMHO. Avoid Demon Internet Ltd  like the plague – would be my advice.


h)        Referral scheme.

                                        Paying too much for broadband? Move to PlusNet broadband and save £££s. Free setup now available - terms apply. PlusNet broadband. 



5 July 2008                      Added jpg fractal posters and made the links to the avi files relative to the location of the home page so that one might save the webpage with File->SaveAs for offline viewing, because that helps folks with limited access get what they want for later use at minimum cost.


                                        The beauty of fractals first captivated me after reading James Gleiks illustrated book Chaos published in the 1980s. The first and only publication that showed me how to create Mandelbrot and Julia set pictures was Personal Computer World vintage December 1986 article entitled Fractal Sets on pages 196 – 1999. Mandelbrots own book was no help at all! Today the first place to look would be Wikipedia of course.


12 July 2008                    Regrettably I had to replace relative refs to avi and mp3 files with absolute ones for 2 reasons. (1) when relative refs were used, Word used \ where / wanted which understandably upset Firefox3.0 browsers! Explorer6 is OK. (2) Plusnet advice documentation suggests it’s better to discourage slurpers (robot crawlers that suck in the whole site content).

                                            Rant follows; Whilst I fully understand PN’s POV from a cost of bandwidth perspective, and a fair access to bandwidth perspective, I think in some cases this POV is hugely against the public interest. Since if they found themselves hosting a popular site that was loosely in the public interest, that interest would be restricted, customers would be embarrassed, visitors would be unimpressed and disappointed. It may even be counter-productive for PN hosting the site. Before this date I had assumed visits to a site would be limited to the equivalent of thousands of slurps/day, not 1!!! More sinister is the moral injustice of all the cash stopping at the likes of the service providers (mostly BT [ipsteam/datastream-etc]) rather than the good content providers as if they are just service consumers with nothing to offer. It may partly explain the high proportion of drivel (like this;-) on the web. Sorry PN, BT have you by googlies.


20 July 2008                    1) Simplified title text. Removed the date updated from title text because (a) when seen in search engine results is does not tell visitors about what the site contains (b) contains many complex font changes that confused Yahoo cache display software (c) this site change record contains the same information, (d) required manual update.

                                        2) Inserted widget. Oops, no it does not display properly when the grid is updating the database of user statistics. Maybe when they fix it. For now I have just inserted a logo.

                                        3) Added unique visitor counter from . The sponsors name is nearby and in the counters tooltip.


30 July 2008                    1) discovered that the hit counter is very poor at busy times – not displaying the digits reliably, seems like I may have to go over to a CGI web page. Cannot believe it is sponsored by a company that sells baby toys in Australia – who would be interested in that here in the UK?

                                        2) Added proper graphical links to my PlusNet ISP for those interested in a good broadband deal referral with no wretched long term contract.


6 August 2008                  1) Added Banner for NHS Blood Service. We often see people receiving blood or blood products and you can’t help wondering how the heck there this always enough. I understand that sometimes there isn’t!  A similar concern is that donors also cease giving because there are times when it is not OK to donate. With this in mind the donor [and the grid] community is a bit like a relay race in the sense that it is important to know there is someone fresh to take the batton from you to keep the race going. Also like the grid giving blood is another direct way to make a small difference without cash.

                                        2) Neatly listed (a to h) reasons for choosing PlusNet BBYW1.


7 August 2008                  1) 630AM:  Corrected backslashes to forward slashes in links to first 3 of the posters at top of page. Used dot forward- slash notation rather than absolute path.

                                        2) 10PM: Added graphs to section to illustrate my actual member ranking as a percentage of total members, and to show growth in total members.


8 August 2008                  1) 530AM: poster links corrected yet again, now absolute. The editor was STILL changing my / to \ on subsequent file saves  when using dot forward-slash notation.

                                        2)1045PM: Separator lines added .

                                        3) 1046PM wcgrid section paragraphs re-ordered.


19 September 2008           1)6pm; removed unique hits counter because its cr@p!  My counter from  reset back to 0 which has to be the ultimate sin for a publicly viewable counter. I now know about 2 unique hits per day occur. Those hits are probably bots of one kind or another.  Anyway at least “bobs dollops” gets found by Yahoo and Google, but it took a 2 –4 months.  Probably because of some of the errors corrected more recently as listed above.


3 October 2008                Added my name to the top of the page. It can’t be found if it ain’t there. Not that it matters. Noticed ‘Bobs Dollops’ is not be found by Google or Yahoo again since I stopped hitting my own site in order to see who the real visitors might be (using webstats). Maybe it does pay to look up yourself;-)


4 October 2008                Added text to fractal posters section (first section) to suggest the enigmas that they represent.


28 October 2008              7PM - Added Grid utube video. 11:20PM changed my rank from 18000 of 400000 to 19000 of 410000 (my rank is slipping – must enlist another computer).  Seabrookb membername and rank of 20000 are now hyperlinked to my public statistics, and delta teamname is hyperlinked to a page where you can JOIN my team delta by clicking the [join-this-team] button there. The current number of members of about 420000 is hyperlinked to the global statistics page for a more up to date figure. However readers should be aware that figures are sometimes unavailable while they are being updated at least once daily and nightly for a couple of hours. For the same reason I don’t use widgets that brag up to date details because they display garbage during these updates. 


2 November 2008              5AM – Embedded another Grid Utube video because the first was not my favourite – and I wanted to see if different defaults could be embedded. Also added more text to the first section in connexion with the fractal posters.


27 January 2009              12PM – Added Twister to collection of fractal zooms. This file was created in 2000 but only today reduced from 288MB to 80MB by Shrinking its area without loss of resolution using NCH Prism Video Converter. The original video is huge at 1284 pixels wide and 288MB in size. I am beginning to like the smaller version here already since is presents well on a 1024x768 laptop display.


1  February 2009               4PM linked to twister on instead of the copy on my webspace. This is because mediafire quickly show me the number of downloads started. If you have trouble getting the file from mediafire you can download my bigger 113MB 800x600 website copy from here.


10 February 2009              Previews for AVI’s added. They are GIF’s. Made from AVI’s with NCH Prism Video Converter to reduce size, then Movies13 from Jansoft to make GIF’s. Also used NCH Prism Video Converter ‘shrink’ on original Twister AVI to halve its area and cut file size from 288MB to 113MB maintaining resolution. 288MB too big for my paid-for plusnet account - limit is 250MB.

                                              Mediafire host unlimited files for free, but each file may not exceed 100MB.So I tried Mediafire  for a 78MB 640 x 480 pixel version of the Twister file. Mediafire reveal to me quickly how many downloads were started.  Mediafire are disappointing. I expect them them to advertise but they open explorer windows with video advertisements (commercials) that can get hidden behind your foreground window and use up loads of your precious paid-for bandwith before you discover it – this is a great shame. So sorry Mediafire, very nice try, good software, but if you are allowing these you suck on this issue alone IMHO.


1 March 2009-03-01         Added picture of the problem laptop that can be repaired. Promoted laptop repair section to top of page since it is attracting visits. Added background information paragraph crediting Used more advanced formatting to wrap text around picture. Corrected spelling of Blu-Tack and linked to a Wiki entry for it and IBM in the grid section. Oh heck – in the end I went all the way and re-layed out the whole home page – more or less as I had always wanted to, with pictures/icons/previews on the left and text wrapping on the right around a central gutter. But paying attention to detail took hours.


22 May 2009                    730PM Added blackbird solo to MP3 section. This little chap makes it worth leaving your garden alone in spring for the birds. These critters - especially the youngsters - have a short life because of hurrying traffic. If only we’d remember them too in our busy lives.

For the earlier recordings made in 2005 I built a homemade stereo microphone plugged into the same ICD-ST10 recorders 3.5mm stereo jack.  It was simply made of two electret microphone elements (from Maplin) stuck on the end of a Y shaped lead so the elements were several inches ( 10 to 20cm) apart facing outwards. This produced much more discernable and realistic stereo channel separation. Also the larger elements produced better recordings than the smaller ones. Both external stereo microphone sizes were always more sensitive (better) than the internal one. The internal mic recordings sound like they are made in a box with a one inch (2cm)  hole – because they are. All microphones need shielding from wind.

The Sony ICD-ST10 recorder is very mobile measuring less than 1cm thick and about 8x4cm. It can just about run from two 1.2V AAA chargeable NiMh cells – but the battery level indicator always reports a low level and has a short usable time. So my biggest wish for future products would be for one with a hi capacity chargeable lithium-ion cell/battery that could be charged in the recorder from the 3V supply jack and/or the 5V USB port giving enough charge time to fill the recording memory and play it back. I’d like to turn off completely the timed LCD backlight to conserve power.  The VOR (Voice operated recording) is excellent because it pre-BUFFERS sound so that you never miss the start of the event that activated the recording. The recording trigger level is reasonably sensitive too although I’d sometimes like to make it even more so.

The best thing about digital stereo recorders for sensitive recordings is that there is no tape drive motor noise to eliminate from the recording. Plus recordings can be downloaded to a PC MP3 file via the USB port file for quick and easy sharing.


26 July 2009                    0001AM. Birdsong section improved. Inspired by the clean and fast implementation of online audio presentation on the New Forest National Park Authorities Web page called Voices of the Forest by Jo Holmes and team, I added the same audio widget here for online listening of birdsong.mp3.  Most thanks to Martin Laine for so diligently showing the way


The online audio widget is really cool because

1.        it uses the robust and fast flash player activex plugin already on over 90% of machines of all types from PC to MAC.

2.        as a result its presentation is consistent across platforms

3.        it does not require fiddly bloated proprietary downloads like Quicktime or Realplayer or Mediaplayer to the client computer.

4.        it does not cause MS Internet Explorer to irritatingly block the javascript it employs.

5.        once played, the recording is cached so you can replay without wasting your bandwidth downloading again. 

6.        it starts playing almost immediately - before the whole file is downloaded.

7.        its purpose is obvious from its appearance

8.        when activated the widget expands showing name of file and progress.

9.        when stopped the volume fades out rather than abruptly switching off,

10.     can be configured with alternate colours – although the defaults are well chosen.

11.      its free from here but you can donate via paypal

12.     very well documented in more than one place, here and especially here.


The only unnecessary extra I would like is volume control. Looping can be permanently enabled or disabled successfully from the html – see last link next para below. Realtime loop enable does appear when you right click the widget but it does not seem to change the fixed enabled/disabled looping behaviour.


Only a few steps are needed to get the widget working. First, download and copy the player.swf and audio-player.js to your website root (alongside your index.html). Second, in a new browser tab visit simple demo, view->source, copy-and-paste the html from <p> to </p> into your web page and change the URL of the MP3 file to access one of yours. That’s it!


2 August 2009                  0600AM. Birdsong section improved further. Now all of the recordings can be played online without having to download first.


20 Oct 2009                     0100AM. Changed the last picture on this page to the unknown gentleman soldier. A picture tells a thousand words….


1 Nov 2009                       0600AM Added PDF version of laptop repair document. It was created using PDF Creator. Small changes made include changing the word “without” in bullet point d of the aims/audience paragraph and adding explicit links [that begin www. Or http://www.] so that the homepage and some hi resolution photos of the motherboard can be accessed from the pdf file. Also updated the reported size of the doc version from 820kB to 980kB. Considering adding a link to a web accessible backup of the laptops driver cd because that was sought after quite recently.


18 Nov 2010                     Removed the 113Mb/800x600 version of my free Twister video download from this site after my ISP – Plusnet - deliberately stopped anybody accessing this site after >250MB were downloaded from it in a 24Hour period as documented in the service terms and AUP. [see rant entry para2 of 12 July 2008 above – for my views on this]. I changed the direct link to my 113Mb .avi download to say (email me) and the link took you to my email address.


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 Also added a .htaccess file to my site to prevent so called bandwidth theft via my rather big .avi download files. IMHO bandwith theft is a moronic concept – embraced by bankers. It is clearly and obviously completely at odds with the whole idea of the web, it’s as simple as that.

 Once .htaccess was uploaded to my site it became hidden because of course linux hides files starting with a dot (period). This is great[not] because I can’t get a handle on it in explorer to delete it should I want to – but I’m sure there’s other solutions, like simply overwriting it with an empty file of the same name.


27 Nov 2010                     Midnight. Uploaded to youtube my original-original huge sized 288MB ‘Twister’ Mandelbrot zoom video having recently withdrawn the smaller sized 113Mb version from this site as described immediately above. I did not entitle the vid ‘Twister’ because doing so got it mis-categorised with the real meteorlogical twister vids. My youtube username is MrZoomZone because several other names were already taken. In hindsight should have gonefor Mandelbrother because that is the name of my VB software that produced the video frames – although it is probably taken too.

Once the huge twister vid was uploaded to youtube I gave it a boring title “pure mandelbrot zoom in and back out” because as said above it got mis-categorised with a name like Twister. I gave it a description containing the word beautiful which ensures the vid can be found on google with the string “pure mandelbrot beautiful”, Then I gave it metal genre soundtrack called Evidence 2 from the youtube library because (a) it’s exactly the same length as the video (1:37) – fading out nicely at the end, (b) changes tempo at exactly the point that the vid changes from zooming in to zooming out, excellent, and (c) the strong beat is actually helpful with a stream that stutters from time to time. I hate to admit that it took me blimin’ AGES to appreciate the youtube checkbox to offer soundtracks only of similar length.

For some reason the soundtrack does not play on youtube at 360p and 240p is not even available. However it hardly matters because its all just a bit of fun and learning. It’s great that at last the internet and youtube can accommodate this bandwidth even if my laptop and/orconnection and ISP can’t. Frankly my 2004 vintage 1.2GHz Laptop, or broadband, is not up to playing this youtube video smoothly anyway, even only at 360p, and HD is completely out of the question. Maybe the youtube server is so intelligent that it has a silicon SOH and fails to pass on the soundtrack because it’s still laughing at my laptop or connections inadequacy J, but I am very confident they will play stunningly well on your much more powerful computer and that’s why its up there. After all I already have the 288Mb original avi file to play with and the quality of that is stunning.


28 Nov 2010                     Embedded the youtube Twister video on this homepage.


29 Dec 2010                     Changed the soundtrack in the youtube twister video from Evidence 2 to Galu nobéél by Wasis Diop  because it is the right length, gentle enough to enjoy multiple times, and the brief French lyrics would be understood by Bernard B Mandelbrot who brought the Mandelbrot set to public attention.


1 Dec 2010                        Looped the embedded Twister video using &Loop=1 parameter (twice) in the embedded script shortly after the youtube url to the video.


5 Dec 2010                        Small hours. Because of the way that my zoom vids end where they start I wanted youtube to repeat (loop) them ad-infinitum. With a few googles I found at least 3 ways that worked.

1)        using &loop=1 in the embed script after both youtube urls in the one script as mentioned above for  Twister vid mod entry of 1 Dec 2010. like this;


This smoothly loops backto 1st frame without any fuss, but it only works with an embedded url like the twister youtube near the top of this page.

2)        on youtube itself simply by editing ANY url by inserting repeat before .com into any youtube url like this


The trouble with this is that you don’t get all the familiar suggestions and comments etc just the vid and a huge youtube logo.

The page looks like one I might produce with a simple embedded script.

3)        on youtube by creating a playlist, and appending &playlist=1 to the end of the url for that playlist like this

I learned this trick by acccident because one of my favourite vids [Emmilie Simon – Desert (French)]  just happened to loop for me which was just fine – here is that lovely but slightly weird vid url J enjoy the qualities;


23 Dec 2010                      11:32. Updated laptop2.pdf to include a diagram showing exact position of keyboard retaining latches showing how to press them in and lift up the keyboard simultaneously using a credit card under 3 keys – to spread the load.


8 June 2011                       Midnight. Added Bitcoin logo, link to, my bitcoin address and link to . Bitcoin is an experiment, its monopoly money.


4 March 2012                     Midnight. Added ICD UX512 FenDawnChorus recording.


31 May 2012                      Midnight. Added ComAvail section at top of page with link to version zip.

Version was produced in half a morning, includes basic help in printable PFD file format.


2 June 2012                       Midnight-to-1530. Upped ComAvail to version   All versions are available from the archive. . Much more time was put into the later versions. It’s the attention to the details (like coping with all 40 ports, multiple port removal, providing link to Device Manager), more rigorous testing and the documentation that a absorb this time.


Notice that manual downloads are directed to the latest single self contained zip file in the archive with everything you need which at the time is  and NOT to which is intended for automated machine-machine interface updates and does not contain a single compressed file.


                                        Improved appearance, graphics and wording of comAvail section.


                                        Improved appearance, graphics and layout of page title.


18 June 2012                     Midnight. Upped font size and boldness. Demoted comavail to 2nd entry. Elaborated on ICD 512 improvements – esp namable files.


2 July 2013                        0830. Added jworker v1.0.0.0. OpenOCD is great and superior by far, but a simple single application that takes advantage of FDTI’s FTCJTAG.DLL was the aim here.


3 July 2013                        2100: add jworker version, And linked main download to version


5 July 2013                        Added jworker v, but not linked to it from main download because the tooltip for the [kB] button still referred to erase-blocks which are now transparent to the user.






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